Smiths Falls Music is committed to taking all possible steps to help curb the spread of Covid-19. In accordance with recommendations from LGL Public Health, we will be adhering to the following protocols in order to limit potential transmissions and keep our students and staff safe: 

- All persons entering the property at 14 Main Street have the option to wear face masks when entering the building. Masks are usually available for free at the front desk.

- Hand sanitizer is available at the door, and all persons entering the building must sanitize their hands upon entry. There are multiple hand sanitizer stations throughout the building, please use them frequently.

- All lessons are by appointment only, if anyone is at possible risk of exposure to COVID-19 from activities in our building you will be contacted by one of our staff immediately. 

- Class sizes will be limited based on capacity guidelines made by the province of Ontario and LGL Public Health, and every effort will be made to ensure proper social distancing within the room. There are areas for students to remain in for the duration of group and private lessons that will aim to maintain a 2 metre distance from instructors and fellow students.  

- All commonly used items and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to each lesson.  

 - Anyone entering the building is required to complete a COVID-19 School and Childcare Screening, which can be done at home prior to arriving at the studio. If you answer "YES" to any questions 1 through 6, you are asked to stay home and not enter the building.

- If anyone displays any symptoms of Covid-19, including fever, cough, shortness of breath, or if you have been in contact with someone with a suspected case of covid-19, we ask that they please stay home, and refrain from coming to classes. 

- There is a designated waiting area for guardians outside the teaching rooms. Please maintain social distancing while in these waiting areas. 

- When possible, we ask that payment for lessons is done online through our invoicing system in order to reduce congestion in our common areas.



A: We will send you an invoice for the month of lessons or the block of group classes on the date of your first lesson of the month. You are encouraged to pay your invoice online, as it reduced traffic in our front reception area, but you are also welcome to pay in-person with cash, debit, credit.


A: Private lessons are priced as follows: 30 min: $28 / 60 min: $52  (flat rate, no added HST). Private lessons are charged monthly, and payment is due on or before the first class of each month.

Group lessons follow these general prices, but please double check on the Music Lessons page to confirm: 30 min: $17.50-$20 / 45-60 min: $20-$22 (flat rate, no added HST). Group lessons are charged per 10 lesson block, payable on or before the date of the first class.


A: If you are registering for Private Lessons, your instructor will contact you to set up a schedule for the year. For Group Classes, please check the schedule on our Music Lessons page.


A: No payment or deposit is required to sign up! The sign up form lets us know the student information and the class you are interested in. From there we will contact you to confirm the details or the class and introduce you to your instructor. Payment isn't due until the date of your first lesson, and is payable online or in-person.


A: PRIVATE LESSONS: Should you need to cancel a lesson, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible, either by contacting your instructor directly, or emailing us here. If we get more than 24hours notice we will try to reschedule or make-up the lessons at another date/time. Each student will be given the opportunity to reschedule 2 lessons per semester. If you're feeling sick or have to isolate due to possible exposure to covid-19, we ask that you stay home, and have the option of doing an online lesson, a make-up lesson at a later date when you are feeling better, or a lesson credit. GROUP CLASSES: We are not able to refund or make-up missed group classes. If you're feeling sick or have to isolate due to possible exposure to covid-19, we ask that you stay home, and ask your instructor if you have the option of participating in the class online.


A: We do recommend that students have an instrument to practice on at home. In the case of larger instruments, student of piano can use an electric keyboard, and drum kit students can use practise pads, etc. We have instruments available to rent & purchase, and your instructor is the best guide to help you get set up with an instrument if you don't already have one.   


A: We have an open door policy, so you have the choice when to sit in. However, please keep in mind that while some students work better with a parent in the room, others may find it distracting. The teacher will give you some advice on this after they get to know your child. Each classroom has a viewing window so parents can see into each room, and parents are welcome to sit in our waiting areas during the class.


A: One of the advantages to taking lessons at Smiths Falls Music is that we have other teachers for most instruments so if a problem occurs – which is extremely rare – we can switch you over to one of our other teachers. If you think you may get more out of lessons from a teacher with a different teaching style, we have the flexibility to change you to another instructor. 


A: They can try another instrument. Our students are free to switch over to another instrument at any time. It is better to try something else than to end up hating music! However, it does take several months to develop a basic level of playing. It is best to try and give it a minimum of 2 months before deciding to change instruments or to quit. Students are not locked into taking lessons with us, you are free to remove your child from lessons and discontinue payment anytime. All you need to do to discontinue lessons is fill out a withdrawal form with 4 classes notice.


A: Yes! Even if you don't have a musical background you can ask the teacher for advice on how to help your child practice. By checking that they are doing their assigned exercises, and/or making time in your family schedule for some uninterrupted practice time each day, the student will progress. 


A: We recommend a minimum of 15 minutes per day, six days per week. Students will progress faster and remember more if they are able to practice more often. Short practice sessions done several times per day, every day, works out much better than longer practice sessions a few times per week. For young children, the practice might be more focussed if the parent supervises. 



- Public parking is available along Main Street, and is subject to municipal fees and regulations where applicable. There is a large parking lot across the street from 14 Main Street West, which may be available for use, please check whether you are in a public or private space, and if payment is required. If needed, there is additional parking in the back of the building which is accessible by the laneway on the west side of the building.  

- The two laneways on either side of the building cannot be blocked by parked or standing traffic.



Revised 29th of July, comes into effect 1st of September 2020 These terms and conditions form the basis of the contract between Smiths Falls Music as Services For Education, and Customers. Customers are subject to and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. In these terms and conditions the following definitions apply: Education Services means Smiths Falls Music, which provides the Music Instructors/Teachers and its Music School. References to “SFM”/“we”/”our” are to Smiths Falls Music. Customer means any individual to whom Smiths Falls Music supplies tuition at its music school. “Customer”/“Student” includes the parent/legal guardian of the Customer where the Student is under the age of 18. References to “you”/ “your” are to the Customer/Student. Due Date means the date outlined in any correspondence regarding payment or re-booking. Lesson(s) means the 30-60 minute instrumental/vocal lessons to be provided by Smiths Falls Music to the Student. Lessons can take place in one of the following formats: a) In-Person Lessons at a Music School venue b) Lessons that take place Online only c) Flexi Lessons that are a mix of In-Person and Online. Music School(s) means the venue at which the Lessons are provided. Price means the charge for the services as set out in the Terms and on the website. All charges are at a flat rate with no added HST. Personal Data means the information about you Smiths Falls Music collects from the Customer to be able to provide its services. Renewing means if the Customer wishes to continue with the Lessons beyond the initial period agreed. Teacher(s) means any employee of Services For Education delivering music lessons through Smiths Falls Music. Terms means the terms set out in these terms and conditions of business. Year means the twelve-month period of lessons beginning when the customer registers for Lessons..  

Changes to Terms: Any changes to these Terms are valid only if agreed between Services for Education and the Customer. From time to time we may update these terms and conditions by sending you either an updated version or notification of minor changes. Should you choose not to accept these changes please notify us of your nonacceptance within 14 days of notification. Otherwise, the changes will take effect upon the expiry of the 14th day  
1. Booking Private Lessons: one to one instrumental/vocal tuition is provided through 36 weekly lessons of 30-60 minutes each. These are delivered as part of a rolling ten-twelve month programme from the time of booking. Please be aware that lessons may not be offered or delivered during July-August and over public holidays. Lessons run in accordance with our published teaching weeks and closure dates. All teaching weeks and closure dates are available on the lesson and pricing page of our website: When signing up for lessons, Customers will be asked to indicate a preference for the time and day of Lessons. Upon receipt of a completed Registration form, Smiths Falls Music will work with the Customer to confirm the day, time and venue availability for the instrument being sought.  
2. Lesson Format: Customers will also be asked to indicate a preference for the format of the Lessons from the following options: a) In-Person Lessons; b) Online Lessons; or c) Flexi Lessons (a combination of In-Person and Online) Online lessons may not be suitable for all students or instruments, and we will advise customers on the best options.       2.1 For In-Person and Flexi Lessons Where Smiths Falls Music are able to accommodate requests an offer for Lessons will be made by email along with information about the payment process to be followed to secure the booking. This email will include a Due Date by which the offer must be accepted and the booking secured. Failure to adhere to the Due Date will see the lesson offer withdrawn and the allocated slot released. Should Smiths Falls Music be unable to accommodate a tuition request, permission will be sought from the Customer to retain your details so they can be kept informed about future availability.       2.2 For Online Lessons Where Smiths Falls Music are able to accommodate requests, the Customer will be allocated a Teacher. Online Lesson times must then be agreed between the Teacher and the Customer via email. Online Lessons may take place at times outside of normal business hours if agreed upon by both Teacher and Customer. Once the Lesson time has been agreed, the Customer will be emailed information about the payment process to be followed to secure the booking. This email will include a Due Date by which the offer must be accepted and the booking secured. Failure to comply with the Due Date will see the lesson offer withdrawn and the allocated slot released.       2.3 For all Lessons In the case of new Customers for all Lesson formats, once an initial confirmation for Lessons has been received, Smiths Falls Music or your Teacher will contact you with additional information ahead of your first Lesson will be emailed to you. Our educational ethos is to maintain the long term consistency of teachers and students. However, Smiths Falls Music reserves the right to change Teachers for reasonable reasons e.g. retirement, maternity, long term absence etc. Customers therefore contract with Smiths Falls Music to provide Lessons and not for specific Teachers. Where Smiths Falls Music need to change the Teacher for any reason, the Customer will be notified accordingly.  
3. Personal Data: Smiths Falls Music will use the Customer’s name(s), address, telephone number, email address and payment details (your Personal Data) to process your booking. We will only use your Personal Data in accordance with our privacy notice which is available to view on our website at: Our privacy notice also contains details of your right to withdraw your consent, to update your preferences, to request further information, and to make a complaint.  
4. Renewing Lessons: In order to give existing Customers priority to continue with their Lessons, Smiths Falls Music operates a renewal system. This means that, unless you inform us that you either wish to change the venue, day, time, format or that you aren’t intending to continue with the Lessons, you will be sent an email notification at least 4 lessons before you are due to finish, inviting you to renew your booking and the terms on which it is offered. This email will include a Due Date by which the offer must be accepted. Should you fail to comply with the deadline we will not be able to guarantee your same lesson slot for the subsequent Year and your allocated lesson slot will be released and made available to others. If you do not wish to be re-booked for a further Year or wish to change the venue, day or time, you must inform the office by the stated renewal deadline. You can do this by email.  
5. Group Lessons: Some Group Classes will have the option of renewing the initial term for additional sessions. Payment for Group Classes will be made before the start of the first session, and will be paid in full. Renewal for any group classes will be paid at the start of the next session. 
6. Price and Payment Arrangements: The Price of Private and Group Lessons are available on the website at: and all prices are subject to HST over and above the listed Lesson price. Music tuition provided for private lessons is based on the model of a rolling twelve month programme of 36 Lessons total. Customers are not permitted to book individual Lessons. Payment is by monthly subscription and made by the Customer via an automatic recurring payment of tuition per month for a twelve month period. The first payment is to be made by the Customer at the point of securing their Lesson booking. Thereafter, a further 10-12 payments will be scheduled for the same date in each month of the Year. Further information and details about how to initiate the automatic recurring payment will be provided to the Customer during the booking process. Payment can be made using either a credit or debit card, details of which are stored on a secure online payments system. By providing your card details and allowing them to be stored on a secure payment gateway operated by a third party, you are agreeing to activation of the automatic recurring payment. Card details are not retained by Smiths Falls Music. Please note recurring payments will be debited against the card details provided by the Customer at the point of securing the Lesson booking. If for any reason a card payment should fail the Customer will receive a notification email advising there has been a problem with the payment e.g. the card has expired. If card details change, or should you want to switch payment to another card, you can contact Smiths Falls Music ( for assistance in making any required changes. Once card payment has been received both Smiths Falls Music and the Customer will receive email confirmation that the request has been processed successfully. You are always welcome to contact us should you be unsure of any details. Your legal rights are not affected. If the lessons are being paid for by someone other than You, you are responsible for informing that person of our payment policies and deadlines and for relaying any communication with regard to re-booking or payments of any sort.  
7. Refunds and Cancellations: This clause applies to all formats of Lessons. You may cancel your contract with Smiths Falls Music within 14 days of receiving your first Lesson; you may also cancel within 14 days of any re-booking (the “Cancellation Period”). Smiths Falls Music will refund to the Customer the cost of any Lessons paid for but not received during the Cancellation Period. In addition, the Customer has the right to cancel at any time during the Year by giving Services For Education at least 4 Lessons’ notice in writing. Written notification can be given by letter or using the Cancellation Form below and sent by post to: Smiths Falls Music, 14 Main Street West, Smiths Falls, ON K7A 1M5 or email: If you cease to attend Lessons but do not provide written notification of cancellation, you will continue to be charged for Lessons. Smiths Falls Music is under no obligation to provide a refund in the event of Customer absence or failure to attend a Lesson, for example due to sickness, holidays, school trips, exams, medical appointments or excessive traffic. In cases of bad/adverse weather, Smiths Falls Music will not refund missed Lessons where the Music School remains open and is safe and accessible and Smiths Falls Music staff are available to teach. If the Music School is closed, or a Teacher is unavailable to deliver a Lesson(s) for any reason, every effort will be made for the Lesson(s) to be rearranged at a later date. There are contingency dates in the Calendar for catch-up lessons. Refunds will only be issued by Smiths Falls Music if a Teacher is unable to make up the Lesson(s). If Smiths Falls Music are unable to deliver the full 36 Lessons for the Customer within the Year, a refund will be issued for any Lessons not provided.  
7. Online Lessons:    7.1 Guidance for all Online Lessons: The following guidance applies to both Flexi and Online Lessons. Lessons held online will take place on either Zoom or Facetime. The App must be downloaded onto a suitable device by an adult, using an adult’s email account. If the pupil is a child under 18 years of age, lessons will only be scheduled with the consent of an adult. An appropriate communal household space must be used for the lesson, such as a living room. If the pupil is a child of primary school age, an adult must accept and acknowledge the video call and be available at all times (they don’t have to be completely in shot) and the adult must end the call. • If the pupil is a child of secondary school age, an adult must accept and acknowledge the video call. • If there is no adult present in the home, or the lesson is taking place in an unsuitable room, the Lesson will not continue. No refund will be provided for the Lesson in these circumstances. Pupil progress will be tracked and pupils are still expected to complete practice diary entries.     7.2 Notice period for rearranging Online and Online Flexi Lessons Customers partaking in Online and Flexi Lessons have the ability to rearrange an Online Lesson by providing a minimum of 24 hours' notice prior to the Lesson required to be rearranged via email to your Teacher. Smiths Falls Music will then endeavour to rearrange the Lesson. If the Lesson cannot be rearranged, the Lesson will be cancelled without charge. Where less than 24 hours’ notice is provided of the need to rearrange a Lesson, Smiths Falls Music will seek to rearrange the Lesson if possible. Where the Lesson cannot be rearranged, the Customer will still be charged the full price for the Lesson.  
8. Complaints If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the Lessons, level of customer service or our performance of this agreement, please send your complaint in writing to the Head of Smiths Falls Music School by post or by email ( Any determination made by Smiths Falls Music arising from the Terms shall be final. 
9. Conditions for Instrument Loan Standard student model instruments can only be loaned to a Customer receiving Lessons from a Smiths Falls Music Teacher enrolled in Smiths Falls Music Lessons. Where a standard model instrument is not suitable for the Customer, you will be required to provide a more advanced instrument yourself. Typically, our instrument loan scheme is for the purpose of allowing Customers to access musical instruments without the burden of cost in the initial stages of their learning. In order that Smiths Falls Music can keep providing these instruments for beginners we cannot offer indefinite loan. The free loan of a standard student model instrument is offered, where possible, for the first Year; any extension to the loan period is agreed at the discretion of the Music School and subject to availability of instruments. Repairs for general wear and tear will be assessed, paid for and undertaken by Smiths Falls Music. Repairs advice must be sought from the Teacher before taking any action. Smiths Falls Music will not be liable for the cost of repairs undertaken without prior approval from Smiths Falls Music. All instruments must be maintained by the Customer and must be returned in the same condition that they were received. Customers are liable to insure the instrument on loan. We strongly advise you check that your household policy includes cover for instruments and if necessary add it specifically to the policy. An instrument should never be left unattended in a vehicle or overnight away from home. Customers are expected to pay for general consumables such as replacement strings, rosin, drum sticks, guitar picks, etc. Such items are not provided under these Terms. In the event of cancellation, or non-continuation of lessons, any loan instrument must be returned by the Customer to their Smiths Falls Music Teacher within 14 days after the end of your Lessons. In the event that the Customer fails to return the loan instrument within the agreed timescale, Smiths Falls Music will claim from the Customer the full market value of a replacement instrument.  
10. Exclusion of Liability Services For Education does not accept liability for loss or damage to Customers' instruments or personal possessions. It is your responsibility to arrange appropriate insurance for these items.  
Behaviour All Customers are expected to behave in a responsible and courteous manner within the Music School at all times and to attend Lessons regularly. Poor attendance, disruptive or antisocial behaviour, or harassment may result in tuition being withdrawn with immediate effect. No refunds will be issued in such circumstances. 
11. Teachers: All Teachers are highly qualified, trained and subject to Smiths Falls Music’s rigorous safeguarding and employment checks. Smiths Falls Music monitors quality and provides continuing professional development for all staff. Observation of Teachers’ work for routine performance management may take place during your Lesson. This is non-intrusive to the Lesson content, pace or flow.  
Safeguarding: Smiths Falls Music is committed to the highest standards in promoting the welfare of children and adults and protecting them from harm at all times. Smiths Falls Music is committed to: • Protecting children and adults who receive our services; • Ensuring that all members of staff are properly trained and supported in safeguarding. All staff have a responsibility to provide a safe environment in which individuals can learn. We recognize that some children, young people and adults may become the victims of neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse and that Smiths Falls Music staff, by virtue of their knowledge and contact with these individuals, are well placed to identify and report such abuse so individuals may be effectively supported as appropriate. In addition, all Smiths Falls Music staff have access to appropriate training and briefings on a regular basis. To follow correct procedures is a statutory requirement, and failure to do so will be treated as gross misconduct. Should a Customer have any concerns about an individual attending our Music Schools, please call 647-969-4359 and ask to speak to the Head of Smiths Falls Music  
Supervision: A waiting area is provided at the Smiths Falls Music School in the Arts Hub Building should parents wish to remain onsite during Lessons. This waiting area is not staffed. Smiths Falls Music only accepts responsibility for children/young people during actual Lesson time. At all other times, responsibility lies with the parents/guardians. Teachers are not responsible for escorting children/young people to/from Lessons.  
12. Resources: Customers may be required to purchase music books/recordings and any relevant accessories as required to support their learning. As individual learning requirements are different please speak to your Teacher about any additional support materials that you may need.  
13. Concerts/Recitals: From time to time, Smiths Falls Music will organize informal concerts to celebrate success and progress as well as facilitating the opportunity to gain essential performance experience. When an in-person concert is not possible or appropriate, Smiths Falls Music may organize a celebration of the Students’ achievements online. This may take the form of a music video recording, or an online concert.  

NOTICE OF CANCELLATION To: Smiths Falls Music, 14 Main Street West, Smiths Falls Music, Ontario, K7A 1M5 Email:  

 I/we give notice that I/we wish to cancel the booking made with you for:  

Name of student:  
Name of teacher(s): 
Instrument/lessons taken:  

This form may be sent by post to the address above, or by email.


Services For Education are committed to protecting your personal information and being transparent about what information we hold about you and your child/children in your care. We take our responsibilities very seriously and we aim to be fully compliant with data protection legislation. 

This privacy notice is intended for applicants, participants, students and their parents/guardians, schools in which students learn, customers, friends, current and future donors and supporters (together referred to as “you”). It is intended to give you a clear explanation about your rights, how we keep personal information safe, the legal basis we rely on to use information and the purposes for which we use the information we collect from you and relevant third parties. 

Smiths Falls Music is the “data controller” for the purposes of Data Protection Law. If you have any questions about this privacy notice or require further information, please contact: 

The lawful basis for obtaining and using personal data: 
Smiths Falls Music needs data in order to fulfil its contractual obligations with customers and service users. 
We will only process personal data where we have one of 6 “lawful bases” to do so under the General Data Protection Regulations: 
To fulfil a contract with you, or where you have asked Smiths Falls Music to take specific steps before entering into a contract, 
For the legitimate interests of Smiths Falls Music, provided the individuals’ rights and freedoms are not overridden 
Where the individual (or their parent/carer, when appropriate in the case of a child) has freely given consent 
To comply with a legal obligation 
To ensure the vital interests of the individual 
To perform a task in the public interest 
Where the processing of data is necessary to comply with a statutory obligation such as information pertaining to statutory assessment. 

The personal data we hold: 
Smiths Falls Music will use the information you provide during the application/registration process and may supplement this with information provided thereafter. 
The personal data we may collect, store, use and share about you includes, but is not restricted to: 
Full name, title, date of birth and gender 
Postal address, email address and contact number(s) 
Emergency contact details and contact preferences 
Characteristics, such as special educational needs 
Details of any medical conditions and/or dietary requirements 
Details of the schools you have attended 
Student records, including relevant education, assessment information, career and ensemble details as well as other achievements, hobbies and/or interests 
Attendance information 
Safeguarding information 
Details of any support received 
Details of instrument(s) you play and any instrument(s) on loan to you 
Results of auditions, internal assessments and external examinations 
Bank or payment card details (these are not stored) 
Gift Aid status 
Photographs and video recording 
CCTV images captured on Services For Education premises 
We may combine information provided by you with information available from external, publicly available sources in order to get a better understanding of our customers and audiences in order to improve our products, services, marketing and fundraising methods. 

Children’s data 

Some of our services are specifically aimed at young people and to deliver these services safely it is necessary for us to collect data through a registration process. Before we collect data from anyone under 18 years of age, we will ask them to obtain permission from a parent or guardian before registering, or ask that a parent or guardian register on their behalf.  It is our policy not to request donations or subscriptions, or to accept product orders, from anyone under 18 years of age. 

How we use this data 

We use this data to: 
Comply with contractual/regulatory obligations 
Manage the registration/application and/or audition processes and ensembles 
Manage student registration, participation in and progression through Smiths Falls Music programmes, including school based activities 
Provide music tuition and advisory support 
Support student learning 
Monitor and report on student progress 
Provide appropriate pastoral care and ensure welfare of children/students/learners whilst in our care, particularly when on tours and courses 
Protect student welfare and meet our legal obligations relating to child protection and safeguarding 
Share with partners for joint activities 
Administer payments and donations 
Manage applications for financial support 
Keep you updated with Smiths Falls Music activities that are relevant to you 
Offer you opportunities to engage further with our activities 
Promote events and concerts 
Promote volunteering opportunities 
Celebrate the success of our students and raise awareness of their achievements 
Keep in touch with our alumni 
Generate publicity and advertise Smiths Falls Music’s activities and programmes 
Assess the quality of our services, courses and programmes 
Carry out research for our own purposes 
Wealth screening to inform targeted fundraising initiatives 
Promote the achievement of our charitable aims 

From August 2020, Smiths Falls Music has followed an “opt in” communication policy for our marketing activity, meaning that we only send marketing communications to you if you have explicitly stated that you are happy for us to do so via your preferred communication channel(s): post, phone, email or SMS/text. 

Photographs and video recording 

As part of Smiths Falls Music’s activities, we will take photographs and record images of groups, ensembles, individual performers and training events.  Such material may be used by Smiths Falls Music, for example, for publicity purposes, such as flyers and brochures; for display at our concerts, on our website and for social media purposes connected with the above; for assessment and educational purposes; and for fundraising or other purposes to help us to achieve our charitable aims. 
When using photographs and videos for publicity, display or website purposes, we will not accompany them with any other personal information about the student to ensure that the student or learner cannot be identified. Consent to use photographs and video of individuals will always be sought. Whilst we will carefully use images on the basis of our “legitimate interests”, we recognize that there may be occasions where service users wish to not provide their consent or withdraw consent at a later time. In these circumstances, we will delete the photograph or video and not distribute it further. 
Inappropriate images that might cause distress will not be used. 

Data sharing 

We do not share personal information with any third party unless otherwise stated in this privacy notice without consent, unless the law requires us to do so. 
Where it is legally required, or necessary (and complies with data protection law) we may share personal data with: 
Relevant Local Authority Children’s Services 
The relevant Local Authority – to meet our legal obligations to share certain information with it, such as safeguarding concerns 
A student’s family and representatives 
Schools – where we provide tuition for your child in partnership with their school 
Educators and examining bodies 
Partners undertaking joint activities 
Suppliers and service providers – to enable them to provide the services we have contracted them for (e.g. examining bodies, mailing houses, cloud based IT systems) 
Health and social welfare organizations 
Financial organizations – to enable payment processing, donations and debt collection 
Professional advisers and consultants 
Professional bodies 
Our auditors 
Central and local government 
Police forces, courts and tribunals 
We will not share with, give or sell your details to other organizations for their own marketing purposes. We will only send information on behalf of organizations where we believe it will be relevant and of interest to our customers. 

Security of your personal data 

We will put in place appropriate safeguards (both in terms of our procedures and the technology we use) to keep your personal information confidential and as secure as possible. Your data will only be accessible to authorized staff and volunteers. We will ensure, as far as reasonably possible, that any third parties we use for processing your personal information will do the same. 
Information will be stored only for as long as it is needed or required by statute and will be disposed of appropriately. 
We undertake to report any personal data breaches in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation requirements. 

Your rights to your personal information 

If you wish to update your personal data or contact preferences, please contact Smiths Falls Music at: 
You have the right to request a copy of the personal information that we hold about you and to have any inaccuracies in this data corrected. Please email us at if you would like to exercise this right.  
We are not a “public authority” as defined under the Freedom of Information Act and therefore will not respond to requests for information under this Act. 
This privacy notice was last reviewed on 30 July 2020 and will be reviewed on a regular basis or to reflect updates in legislation, as appropriate.