Smiths Falls Music Student Newsletter - Summer 2021 

We at Smiths Falls Music want to say a giant THANK YOU! to all of our students (and the families, friends, roommates, etc, of our students), for making it possible for us to continue making music throughout the year. You stuck with us through all the lockdowns and shutdowns, openings and re-openings, and though it was a pretty unpredictable first year for all of us, your understanding and willingness to be flexible kept us going. We are amazed by what our students and instructors have been able to accomplish, and the progress and creativity we've seen thus far has made us so excited for what's possible in the years to come. 

Now that we are able to start opening back up, a few of our instructors will be doing in-person lessons on a casual basis over the summer, while some are taking a break for the summer holidays and returning in September. If you are interested in some summer lessons, please contact your instructor to see if/when they are offering them. 

To all students on break for the summer: we would love to save your time slot for the fall! We look forward to seeing your smiling faces in September, and having what we hope will be a more predictable semester. If there are any changes you would like to make for the fall, please let us know as soon as you can, so we can make sure that our returning students have priority in the instructor schedules. We will be in touch mid-summer to confirm everyone's spots, and let you know of any changes on our end. 

Speaking of mid-summer, we'll be announcing new programming for the fall around then. Keep your eyes out for an email, as well as announcements on our facebook and instagram pages. You can expect some new group classes, more opportunities for student collaboration, guest workshops, and more. 

For you crafty folks, keep an eye out for a new workshop series we're cooking up at the Arts Hub! We'll be hosting a different artisan each month to teach you how to make something beautiful (think macrame plant holders, sewing classes, ceramics, all sorts of fun stuff) that you can take home with you! 

A note for students using rental instruments: if you would like to keep your instrument over the summer, please let us know and we will send an invoice for July and August. If not, we can arrange a time to drop it off at the Arts Hub. 

This summer we are accepting applications for the Smiths Falls Music Bursary Program. If financial concerns are a barrier for you or someone you know to take music lessons, we encourage you to apply for support through the online application. If you are able, please consider donating to this program. Even a small amount will help make Smiths Falls a more musical place :) 

And lastly, don't let your instrument gather dust over the summer! Bring it to the cottage or to the campfire, listen to music wherever you can for inspiration, spend a little extra time practicing on a rainy day, anything to keep those chops up. 

Have a safe, healthy, happy summer, we look forward to making music together soon! 

Rosalyn & the Smiths Falls Music team

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